Before & After Pictures - Foot Drop Surgery
Before Surgery
Affected Side - Right
After Surgery
Affected Side - Right


Publication At-A-Glance


One of the causes of the condition called "Foot Drop" is traumatic damage to the peroneal nerve. This can happen as a result of a sharp injury, a gunshot wound, a sciatic nerve tumor, radiculopathy or hip replacement surgery.

The strategy we used to try to reanimate the foot drop (for the type of foot drop caused by peroneal nerve palsy) involved a nerve transfer of functional fascicles of either the superficial peroneal nerve or of the tibial nerve as the donor for the deep peroneal-innervated muscle groups.

This study included 14 consecutive patients. Eleven cases had successful restoration of British motor grade 3+ to 4+/5 ankle dorsiflexion. One patient had restoration of grade 3 ankle dorsiflextion. Two patients had no restoration of dorsiflexion.

The author concludes that nerve transfer to the deep peroneal nerve is a feasible and effective method of treating deep peroneal nerve injuries of less than one-year duration.

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