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PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2005 12:46 am
by arsajal

My nine year old girl child had congenital scoiliosis at the cervico thorasic region. We did the surgical correction successfully (29-June-05)at the Apollo Hospitals in India. The installed halo-chest was removed after three months from the date of surgery. Another dittachable brace has been put at present. But unfortunately upon administering an injection at the gluteal muscle, the sciatic nerve was injured and she is suffering from foot drop to he left leg. Below the knee she dont have any sensation. Loss of muscles happening. The event occured on 1-Sept-05.
Sinc ethen we are continuing physiotherapy and electrical stimulation to the calf muscles.
Please tell me about the recovery chances and the duration it takes. Also tell me what will be the extend of diability after the recovery.
If not recovered naturally, how surgical option can remedy foot drop and how it is done?
Awaiting to hear from anyone with similar experience. What is the legality of this incident ?